Go to the Grove – Chalk the Walk

We are sharing some activities to help distract our family members from the COVID-19 news. Add some fun and lighten the day. One challenge: be the first person to determine what the image inside the below words “Chalk the Walk.” Email your guess to Steve Orton or Frances Orton.

We are excited to announce a new contest “Chalk the Walk” to celebrate with art the “Go to the Grove” theme. We invite you individually or as a group to decorate your sidewalks and driveways with chalk art. These “Go to the Grove” activities are to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the First Vision in our efforts to have Joseph’s name known for good. This contest is open to the public, so ask your family, neighbors, and friends to participate. Please follow the guidelines and directives of physical distancing as instructed by community leaders. Here are the details:

  • The contest is free and anyone that appreciates (or is interested in) the “Go to the Grove” activities can enter.
  • Enter to win up to $50 in prize money. We currently have $50 and other small prizes which will be for one winner or divided by up to five winners.
  • If you’re able, contact us about donating additional prize money.
  • Share photos and comments of you creating your artwork. Add the # Go to the Grove 5K.

  • Complete your chalk art project anytime between now and Saturday, April 25th
  • Submit your entry by Noon, Mountain Standard Time, Monday, April 27th
  • Winners will be announced on by Friday, April 30th.

Be Part of the Smith Family History



Click above to view the podcast, Dreaming of a Heavenly Home by Dan Adams

The Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Family has been meeting together since 1972 and look how we have grown.  We have the chance to experience and learn how our ancestors trials  allowed them to glimpse eternity and have the strength to endure life with hope. Come be part of history.

Register by Saturday, July 21.


Joseph Smith Sr and Lucy Mack Smith Family Reunion History in Pictures

2018 Online Reunion Agenda

Order Reunion T-Shirts

Reunion Fact Sheet  (parking and building entrance instructions)

Our service project will take place right next to the Pioneer Pavilion #7 on the map.

Plan ahead to be part of our family photo. Leave early if you have trouble getting around and meet at Mary Fielding Smith’s Cabin # 47 on the map. You can walk there or take the train to the stop by #44 T by the Native American Village. It is a short walk from there. Just follow the directions on the path.

Link for: This Is The Place Heritage Park Map


The Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Family Association is working with Sleep In Heavenly Peace for our summer’s service project.

Please click this Lehi Chapter link and fill out the Sleep In Heavenly Peace Release Form online to participate.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Reunion Service Project

Or contribute by mail with checks or money orders to:

Joseph Smith Sr. Family Association
c/o Frances Orton
381 W 3700 N
Provo, UT 84604

Make a notation on the check: Sleep In Heavenly Peace.


Lucy Mack Smith Shawl

The Spring 2018 Smith Newsletter featured a Paisley shawl belonging to Lucy Mack Smith. These shawls were extremely popular in the early 1800s. The cone or almond shaped designs came from East Asia. Because so many shawls were produced in Paisley, England, the almond pattern came to be called a Paisley pattern.

Lucy’s black wool shawl is large enough to cover a bed or to be folded over and worn as a winter coat.

Pattern Activity

If you want to participate in this activity please sign up. This activity will cost $3.00 per white iron-on vinyl transfer (10.5 inches wide and 3.75 inches tall). You also need to provide and bring the fabric item you wish to place the Lucy Mack Smith Shawl Pattern on.

For those who are unable to build a bunk bed you can bring and donate solid colored pillowcases. We will provide a Smith greeting vinyl message to transfer on your donation.

Eldred Smith celebrates 106th birthday

Oldest living Utah man celebrates 106 years

SALT LAKE CITY — Most of us have to read about what happened 100 years ago in a history book, but one Utah man has lived it.

Eldred Smith, a Salt Lake City man who celebrated his 106th birthday Wednesday, has a title no one else in the state has: He is oldest man in Utah.

In 1907, doctors performed the first successful blood transfusion and a bouncing baby boy named Eldred G. Smith entered the world. Fast forward more than a century, and Eldred is as sharp as ever — though he does get tired a little faster than he used to.

“What’s your secret to a long life@f0” I asked him, watching his eyes slowly open.

“Getting sleep, apparently,” Eldred said with a laugh.

This great-great-grandfather has lived a lot of life &38212; in years, and experience. During World War II, he worked as an engineer for a company that enriched uranium for the atomic bomb.

He is also the oldest and longest-serving general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And his own great-great-grandfather is Hyrum Smith, brother to the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Joseph Smith.

Eldred he spent years travelling, displaying church artifacts. KSL caught up with him when he was a spry 100-years-old.

“I tell ’em exercise is a waste of energy,” Eldred said during our 2007 interview. “I use my energy to accomplish something that gives me all the energy I need.”

He has outlived two spouses — his second sweetheart passed away in May 2012, at age 95. But he is still surrounded by his loving children and grandchildren down the line.

“He’s always talked about being around ‘till 110,” said daughter Miriam Skeen. “(He’s) one year closer.”

Eldred celebrated his birthday Wednesday surrounded by family and friends. Among his birthday visitors was LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson, who told Eldred’s family the biggest key to longevity is to just keep breathing.

Jennifer Stagg, Reporter

Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith’s Birthday Party and Fundraising, July 14, 2012

Picture taken at the 2007 Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Reunion at Heber Valley Camps


When Joseph Smith was still a young boy, Mother Smith had a remarkable dream: She saw two majestic trees in a meadow by a stream, one with a gold band of light around the trunk. A gentle breeze blew, and the golden tree bent gracefully and exulted with joy as it was filled with the wind. But the other tree would not bend. As she awoke, she saw that her husband and his brother were the trees, and that Joseph Sr. would be willing to listen and accept the gospel, but his brother would be stubborn.

Trees hold a unique symbolism in our family; from Mother Smith’s dream, to clearing virgin farmland, to the Sacred Grove. Like trees, each of the Smiths stood out among men. They were tall, majestic people and lived larger than life. From the earliest days, it was always Joseph, Hyrum, Samuel, etc. who uplifted and sustained everyone.

Family Birthday Celebration
How fitting that our Family is celebrating Father Smith’s birthday this July 14th, at the beautiful Heber Valley Camp. One of the pavilions is dedicated to Lucy Mack Smith, and we have the unique opportunity to replant trees in each of the children’s names. In 2007, as part of the Smith Family reunion, we planted trees but some have been damaged by the elements and predators. The replacement tree will be large, mature trees, which will stand independent above the scrub oak surrounding the pavilion, in beautiful symbolism of our family. The camp missionaries love to show the trees to any visiting the camp.

This birthday celebration is for the entire family. With our children we will add items to be placed in a time capsule. Families will be organized with shoveling and water brigades. We’ll have a short program reminding us of the incredible accomplishments of our Smiths. Best of all, a hearty picnic luncheon will be served.

Fundraising event
We all can do our part to help honor Joseph and Lucy’s legacy. The Pavilion has limited seating of 250, so you’ll need to register as soon as possible. To register, print the pdf registration form below and mail to: Frances Orton, 381 W 3700 N, Provo UT 84604. If you have questions please contact Frances Orton at f.orton@digis.net.

The Smith Family Cemetery Perpetual Fund

November, 2011

My Dear Cousins,

I want to express my deep love for each of you and thank all of you for what you are doing in honoring the names of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith. The cemetery is a credit to all of the family members that have participated in helping to maintain and beautify the sacred spot where the Prophet Joseph Smith and those dearest to him are buried: Emma, Mother and Father Smith, Hyrum, Samuel, and others of the family. We must never ever lose the sense of appreciation and gratitude for those who have laid the foundation for this great work and have given us so much.

All of us should consider it an honor to support the work of the family, and so I encourage each of you to be as generous as you possibly can in providing financial support so that the work can move forward year after year, touching the lives of more of our family members.

I suppose that there will not be anything that will be more thrilling for anyone of us than to eventually be embraced by Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack and by our other forefathers and loved ones, and have them say to us, “Thank you, thank you, for keeping the cemetery beautiful. Thank you for seeking out the family members and building unity and love and strength within our family.”

We are on the Lord’s errand. There is a great family work that we must accomplish in His holy name. May we be blessed to do so is the prayer of my heart.


Elder M. Russell Ballard