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    Click above to view the podcast, Dreaming of a Heavenly Home by Dan Adams The Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Family has been meeting together since 1972 and look how we have grown.  We have the …

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Registration for Joseph’s Miracle Run and the Joseph Smith, Sr and Lucy Mack Smith Reunion are now open. If you register for the race, you will receive a coupon code for a $5.00 discount off your Reunion registration. Just enter …

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Oldest living Utah man celebrates 106 years SALT LAKE CITY — Most of us have to read about what happened 100 years ago in a history book, but one Utah man has lived it. Eldred Smith, a Salt Lake …

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Photos When Joseph Smith was still a young boy, Mother Smith had a remarkable dream: She saw two majestic trees in a meadow by a stream, one with a gold band of light around the trunk. A gentle breeze blew, …

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President Joseph F. Smith: Reflections on the Man and His Times For more information see:

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November, 2011

My Dear Cousins,

I want to express my deep love for each of you and thank all of you for what you are doing in honoring the names of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith. The cemetery is a credit to all of the family members that have participated in helping to maintain and beautify the sacred spot where the Prophet Joseph Smith and those dearest to him are buried: Emma, Mother and Father Smith, Hyrum, Samuel, and others of the family. We must never ever lose the sense of appreciation and gratitude for those who have laid the foundation for this great work and have given us so much.

“Wherefore, my dear children, I pray, beseech, and adjure you by all the relations and dearness that hath ever been betwixt us and by the heartrending pangs of dying father whose soul hath been ever bound in the bundle of life with yours, that you know one another. Visit as you may each one another… if possible, once every year…or if you cannot meet, send to and hear from each other yearly and oftener if you can; and when you have neither father nor mother left be so many fathers and mothers to each other, so you shall understand the blessings mentioned in the 133 Psalm.”

Asael Smith, father of Joseph Smith, Sr.