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  1. We would like to know more about if there would be any reservations needed for transportation, lodging and so forth from Pocatello or Salt Lake City. We are retired now and would like to come.

  2. I’d like to be added to the e-mail list for the Joseph Smith Sr. Family. I descend through Hyrum and Jerusha and their Daughter Sara Smith Griffin.

  3. Do you know the dates for the pageant in 2020? It looks like the pageant will be over before the reunion starts next year.

    1. Due to logistical reasons with buildings, the pageant, and EFY’s standing reservations we can’t get our reunion and the pageant to be close in time.

  4. How and when do we make submissions for scholarships? The newsletter indicated we should go to the josephsmithsr.org website for more info. All we found was the past winning submissions. We’d like something that will tell us the rules and submission guide lines. 661-340-4016

  5. What is the schedule for Palmyra reunion? Would especially like to know check in time Thursday July 30.

    We are trying to plan our family reunion and it is dependent on the Palmyra plan

  6. Are any plans being made to provide transportation for family members from the Salt Lake City area to attend the reunion in Palmyra?

  7. Frances, my husband’s family are direct descendants of Hyrum Smith and have been involved in the Smith family reunion for many years. We are trying to plan with our children to be to this reunion. Are there plans made specifically with the family group? Is it possible to still get tickets for the pageant? We need to find out if we should arrange for everything ourselves or if the family group is planning on being a part of the Mormon Heritage Association tour. Thanks for getting back with us.

  8. Hello! So excited to attend both reunions in May and July! Do we need to register somewhere to know we are coming? I have a 14 year old
    Granddaughter, is there somewhere we need to let you know about that as well?

  9. Do we need to register for reunion events in cumorah and palmyra if we are not able to take the reunion tour from Boston but still want to be at reunion celebration in Palmyra?

  10. Is there a time and place for reunion on May 2? Please let me know if there is something I can do to help. I live in Arizona, but if I can help from here let me know. There seems to be little information about the reunions posted. Is there a registration process?

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