Ebenezer and Solomon Mack

Family Member

Ebenezer and son Solomon Mack, father of Lucy Mack Smith




His father, Ebenezer Mack, was a man of considerable property, and lived in good style, commanding all the attention and respect which are ever shown to those who live in fine circumstances, and habits of strict morality. For a length of time he fully enjoyed the fruits of his industry. But this state of things did not always continue, for a series of misfortunes visited my grand-parents, by which they were reduced to that extremity, that a once happy and flourishing family were compelled to disperse, and throw themselves upon the charity of a cold, unfeeling world. My father was taken into the family of a neighboring farmer, where he remained until he was nearly twenty- one years of age, about which time he enlisted in the service of his country.


History of Joseph Smith by His Mother, p.17

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