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Family Member Solomon Mack, Lucy Mack Smith’s father Subject Attacks Indians Story [I] proceeded with the baggage to Fort Edwards, and the next day I returned in order to find my missing oxen. “While I was performing this trip, the

Family Member Ebenezer and son Solomon Mack, father of Lucy Mack Smith Subject Poverty Story His father, Ebenezer Mack, was a man of considerable property, and lived in good style, commanding all the attention and respect which are ever shown

Behaviors Self-reliance, patience, group mindedness As Strategy To Conflict Management Stories Three years of crop failure resulting from induced winter of 1816 when Mt Tambura volcano erupted in Indonesia leads to move to Palmyra without Joseph Sr. Joseph, 10, on

By Dr. Craig R. Frogley We were gathered for some family fun. It was game time but, by design, the game, more than amuse, would change outlooks and perspectives of our family members. Each person was given a slip of

  RELIGIOSITY Religiosity can be classified into public and private.5 Public religiosity includes going to church, praying in public, social gatherings, service and outward charity. While private religiosity includes personal prayer and scripture study, a sense of relationship with deity

FAMILY WORK As one can see, the family values of family work and recreation also become strategies for internalizing family cohesion. It is through meaningful time spent together, that bonds are formed. When family members engage in work that yields