Hyrum Turns 200 – Huge Celebration

By Eldred G. and Hortense Smith


On February 15, 2000 an historical and significant gathering took place in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square. More than 3,000 descendants of the great Patriarch Hyrum Smith came to praise and pay tribute in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of his February 9, 1800 birth. This in itself was historic, but also it was the largest gathering of Smith descendants in the history of the family. It was the first time Hyrum’s children have met together as a family in this Century.

Those entering the Assembly Hall or watching in the Tabernacle overflow were greeted with a huge screen projection of Hyrum and a display of precious articles belonging to him and the family, that were brought across the plains in the family wagons in 1848. The program followed:

CONDUCTING: Craig R. Frogley…………….4th great grandson
Trustee of the JS Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Foundation

PRAYER: Michael Nebeker ……………………5th great grandson

MUSICAL PORTRAYAL……………… Love is the Master Key
by Lorena Normandeau …….Grand Daughter of JS Jr.
Father Smith: Hulbert Keddington2nd ggrndson-in-law
Hyrum Smith: Scott Frogley ………. 4th great grandson
Joseph Smith Jr: Jason Woodland.. 4th great grandson
William Smith: Aaron David Lowe 4th great grandson
Accompanied by: Jenny Frogley ..4th ggdghter-in-law

Portrayal by: Matthew D. Maddox 3rd ggrndson-in-law
Script by Vivian Adams……………2nd ggrand daughter

Eldred G. Smith, President, Hyrum Smith Association

LOVINA: Ronda Thompson4th great granddaughter
JOHN: E. Gary Smith ……………..3rd great grandson
JERUSHA: Pamela Alligood3rd great granddaughter
SARAH: Cherise Clayton ….4th great granddaughter
JOSEPH F: Russel Smith Walker 2nd great grandson
MARTHA ANN: Carole King2ndrd ggranddaughter

I LOVE HIM original music and words
by Noni Sorensen ……………. 2nd great granddaughter
Sung by: Kent Sorensen…………….3rd great grandson
Accompanied by: Lindsay Sorensen…4th ggdaughter

SPEAKER: M. Russell Ballard…………………2nd great grandson
Trustee of the JS Sr & LM Smith Foundation

SURPRISE TRIBUTE: President Gordon B. Hinckley-Prophet

THE LIGHT WILL NOT GO OUT original music-words
by Noni Sorensen ………….. 2nd great granddaughter
Sung by: Dan Sorensen…………….. 3rd great grandson
Accompanied by: Lindsay Sorensen…3rd ggdaughter

PRAYER: LaRene Gaunt ………………. 2nd great granddaughter

Patriarch Eldred G. Smith reminded the descendants of the promise given Hyrum’s patriarchal blessing -“that his name would not be blotted out, for his children would rise up after him to preserve his memory.” Elder Smith issued a charge to the children to fulfill that promise by being a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ as Hyrum was.

Elder Russell M. Ballard of the Council of the Twelve charged the family using the words of Joseph F. Smith in a letter to one of his children: “…We are their children and they love us as we love one another. We should seek to honor them and follow in their footsteps. May the Lord bless us that we may bear the name of Hyrum Smith as his sons and daughters… with the same strength and courage in carrying forth this great work.”

President Gordon B. Hinckley honored the family with his attendance and said, “I am not a Smith, but I’m a great admirer and one who loves the name of Hyrum, the martyred brother of the Prophet Joseph.” He closed with this charge, “May we of this generation walk in the light of his strength and power and capacity.” His verbal charge was followed by a musical response, a stirring song ‘The Light Will Not Go Out’ that committed us as a family to keep the light burning.

Excitement, love and warmth permeated the atmosphere as a costumed family member presented a moving monologue portraying Hyrum. Many felt that he carried the appearance of the projected picture – as if he had come to life. The descendant responses were filled with moving accounts, deeply touching stories and powerful history of the lives of Hyrum and his children.

Members of the Hyrum Smith family left this great gathering with renewed appreciation and love for their progenitor, and a charge to respond with increased devotion and dedication to the truths espoused by him.


All of this plus the cemetery wreath ceremony was captured on video and will be reproduced for the benefit of generations to come. The video can be obtained for a short time only for $10.00. Please fill out the order-registration card. You may include your dues payment of $15.00 with the video order. Please use the envelope and form to order. You may purchase as many as you would like for family gifts including those yet unborn.

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