Joseph Smith Sr. Genealogical Website

Take advantage of the JosephSmith Sr. Genealogical Websitesmany features! It can help you& us keep accurate informationand extend that information morereadily to your family and extendedfamily. It can also help those whoare related to many of the familysthousands of ancestors.

This site contains Joseph Sr and Lucy Mack Smiths ancestry andposterity and Emma Hale Smithsancestry and posterity. To viewthe posterity information of theliving, you must be a direct descendantand register on the website. Thatinformation will then be available to you.

All family branches are connected into thesame database which provides statisticalinformation, biographies, media images,geo locations synchronized with googlemaps, world history timelines and muchmore.

Please login to check your familyfor accuracy and contact us for any errors.We would appreciate any submissions offamily stories, pictures, histories,etc.

Clicking any of the buttons takesyou directly to the genealogicalinformation of that branch of thefamily:

  1. Joseph – ancestors of JosephSmith Sr.
  2. Lucy – ancestors of Lucy MackSmith
  3. Any of the children – descendantsof that branch of the family

Be sure to register on the siteto take advantage of all thegenealogical features. There is no costto use this site. The Joseph Smith Jr.and Emma Hale Smith Historical Societywebsite is also interconnected with thegenealogical information on this web site.


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