Walking in their Shoes

By Steve & Frances Orton and Joy Ercanbrack

Walking in their Shoes was designated as the theme for the 2014 Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Family Reunion. The family gained a deeper respect for our ancestors who lived in the Independence, Missouri area as we toured Far West, Adam-ondi-Ahman, and the sacred Liberty Jail. We learned that God does not abandon us, just as he did not abandon Joseph and Hyrum when they were unjustly imprisoned in the Liberty Jail. Truth does prevail and the mercies of God will be revealed.

The opening meeting was held in the beautiful Community of Christ Stone Church on Thursday, July 31. Dan Larsen welcomed the family to the Kansas City area. Lach Mackay read a welcome letter to the family from Cousin Wallace B. Smith who was recovering from surgery. Steve and Frances Orton presented a history of past reunions and family events and discussed how this reunions activities would go. Reports were given by Bob Smith from Samuels family and the iDig project. Phillip Beem discussed the family website and passed on information from Michael Kennedy. Daniel Adams shared the hopes and interests of upcoming events the Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Family Association are working on.

The highlight of the evening was hear the memories of Anina Mackay Luff as she reflected on the early reunions and said as she looked in the eyes of newly discovered cousins, she could see the eyes of her family. To end Thursday nights meeting Joy Ercanbrack introduced our theme of Walking in their Shoes and then honored those family members who attended the 1973 Independence Reunion.

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Walking in their Shoes

By Steve & Frances Orton and Joy Ercanbrack

We extend a heartfelt thank you to the many family members who went the extra mile to help make the 2014 Reunion such agreat success! Please log on to the website tosee pictures and read the full account of thereunion.

The family gained a deeper respect for ourancestors who lived in the Independence,Missouri area as we toured Far West, Adamondi-Ahman, and the sacred Liberty Jail.We learned that God does not abandonus, just as he did not abandon Joseph andHyrum when they were unjustly imprisonedin the Liberty Jail. Truth does prevail and themercies of God will be revealed.

The family met in the beautiful Community of Christ Stone Church and received graciouswelcomes and family news, history,website, iDig info and news of upcoming events. Lach Mackay read a welcome letter to thefamily from Cousin Wallace B. Smithwho was recovering from surgery.

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Smith Family in the News and in Story

IDigNauvoo is in the news! Visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk9_EqEhFtQ

This year IdigNauvoo volunteersare working at both the Joseph Sr.Homestead and the Samuel H. Smithhome site.

Significant events at the IdigNauvoosite include the restoration of the stonesteps on the east side of the JosephSmith Sr. homestead, discovery of an1835 half dime, and a bone bead thatis 2000 years old. Recent finds haveled archaeologist Paul DeBarthe toquestion whether the Smith homesteadcould have been an 1805 trading post.

The Dig is looking for participantsand volunteer host couples.Learn moreabout the iDigNauvoo archaeologicalproject by visiting their website www.idignauvoo.legacyshare.org.

Watch lectures on Mary Fielding Smith and Letters from Joseph F Smithto his Sister Martha Ann at this online site:

See Reunion.JosephSmithSr.org to read Lachlan Mackays StoriesAbout Joseph III from the Reunion. See http://reunion.josephsmithsr.org

Josephs Miracle Run Scholarship Presentation to Dartmouth

Many Smith family memberscontributed to the Sons of theUtah Pioneer tribute to HyrumSmith. Cost is $5 per magazine.To purchase, visit www.sup1847.com or call 801.484.4441.

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Joseph Smith Sr. Genealogical Website


Take advantage of the JosephSmith Sr. Genealogical Websitesmany features! It can help you& us keep accurate informationand extend that information morereadily to your family and extendedfamily. It can also help those whoare related to many of the familysthousands of ancestors.

This site contains Joseph Sr and Lucy Mack Smiths ancestry andposterity and Emma Hale Smithsancestry and posterity. To viewthe posterity information of theliving, you must be a direct descendantand register on the website. Thatinformation will then be available to you.

All family branches are connected into thesame database which provides statisticalinformation, biographies, media images,geo locations synchronized with googlemaps, world history timelines and muchmore.

Please login to check your familyfor accuracy and contact us for any errors.We would appreciate any submissions offamily stories, pictures, histories,etc.

Clicking any of the buttons takesyou directly to the genealogicalinformation of that branch of thefamily:

  1. Joseph – ancestors of JosephSmith Sr.
  2. Lucy – ancestors of Lucy MackSmith
  3. Any of the children – descendantsof that branch of the family

Be sure to register on the siteto take advantage of all thegenealogical features. There is no costto use this site. The Joseph Smith Jr.and Emma Hale Smith Historical Societywebsite is also interconnected with thegenealogical information on this web site.


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Sacred Ground: The Smith Family Cemetery in Old Nauvoo, Part I

By Julie Maddox, Joseph Sr & Lucy Mack Smith Family Association Newsletter Editor

The place where a man is buried is sacred to me. Joseph Smith Jr.

I feel the full emotion of that statement, sitting here on the wooden bench in the Smith Family Cemetery in Nauvoo. Resting in the shade, I can see things just as Anina Luff has described them, and watch white butterflies dance above the blue salvia, especially picturesque at dusk as the sun sets on the Mississippi River.

Summer of 1991 found Anina MacKay Luff, great great-granddaughter of Joseph and Emma, and her son Lachlan MacKay, driving from Independence, MO, to the Family Cemetery at sunset. The Mississippi River, she said, was mystical, beautiful. Anina and her brother Daniel Larsen and their families were a significant part of preparations for the Aug. 4, 1991 formal cemetery dedication. They wanted a beautiful serene place where people can sit and dream and ponder connections with loved ones passed on. And each year since they have come to beautify and plant flowers in this sacred spot.

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