About Us

The Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Family Organization serves as an umbrella organization for several individual family organizations. Efforts of the Organization serve to coordinate resources and activities for the benefit of the entire family. The Board of Trustees oversees and directs these efforts. The Correlation Committee meets quarterly to report on progress, plan ongoing efforts, and discuss strategies for reaching out to the members of the family that we don’t currently have contact with. Many of the individual Smith Family organizations have committees and websites that support their efforts to reach out to family members. These web sites are linked together and leverage a common genealogical database hosted by the Organization.
The Organization fosters communication in the family as well as provides for standards and teamwork, which create efficiency and synergies that are realized as we work towards our common goals.


M. Russell Ballard and Wallace Smith

Board of Trustees

  • M. Russell Ballard
  • Matthew Ballard
  • Craig Frogley
  • Dan Larsen
  • Lachlan Mackay
  • Frances Orton
  • Robert Smith
  • Wallace Smith
  • Karl Anderson – Executive Secretary
  • Spence Nilson – Treasurer

Correlation Committee Chair

Family Representatives or Data Stewards

Historical and Educational Outreach

Project Coordinators