Road to Carthage Marathon

I am helping to publicize and promote a marathon run that honors the memory of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. It is being held on May 27th this year, which is Memorial day weekend. The run starts in Nauvoo, and ends in Carthage.

Would you be able to help us get the word out about this marathon through your website or an email to Smith family members?

For more information, you can look at our website, which is: It will give you the details of the entire weekend of plans for the race.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Judy Chauncey
Media Relations Specialist
Road to Carthage Marathon

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Emma’s Request


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Reunion Highlights

  • History and background of the Smith Family Cemetery by Lachlan Mackay, Karl Anderson, and Daniel Larsen.
  • Placing headstone for Lewis Bidamon grave.
  • Martyrdom – at Carthage Jail by Susan Easton Black Durrant.
  • Family service project at cemetery.
  • Family picnic between the cemetery and the Red Brick Store overlooking the beautiful Mississippi River.
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Nauvoo Reunion: 25th Anniversary of Cemetery Dedication

The 2016 Reunion marks 25 years since the Smith Family Nauvoo Cemetery was improved, beautified, and dedicated. It also means that for the last 25 years, Smith family members have helped pay for cemetery maintenance and upkeep. What a blessing it is for us to care for this hallowed ground and honor ourbeloved ancestors. Each year many thousands visit our sacred family cemetery. Meet your Smith family cousins this year in Nauvoo for a wonderful reunion that includes socializing, presentations, historical insights, sightseeing, service projects, food, and fun!

Register online at

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2016 Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Family Reunion in Nauvoo

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Train Up a Child
And Yourself to the 2016 Reunion

The 2016 Smith Family Reunion will be held in Nauvoo, Illinois on August 4-7. We are presenting a new travel alternative. Travel by train from Utah to Iowa, be picked up by a chartered bus and join the rest of the group in Nauvoo. Stay three nights in comfortable hotel accommodations. Return to Utah leaving Iowa by train late Sunday afternoon.
We hope to fill a train-car with the Smith Family and friends. Here are the dates for traveling by train for the family reunion:
There is no charge for infants, ages two and under. A child must be accompanied by an adult. Here is the pricing per person:
Traveling by train saves you a couple of travel days when compared with bus travel. Train seating is more spacious and more comfortable than airline seating. You will spend a night on the train each direction. Consider these tips for traveling in coach class on the train and these tips for first-time train-travelers.

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